The definition of digitization is the process of converting information into a digital (i.e. computer-readable) format. Old home movies and video tapes are analog formats that are no longer viewable without the player, camera, or projector available and working. Home Video Studio Green Cove Springs specializes in digitizing your VHS, VHS-C, BETA, 8mm video, Mini DV, and of course, your old 8mm and 16mm movies.

Here is more information about our Video Transfer services. We call it HVS DVA Deluxe. We can output the digitized files to a DVD, External Drive, or (newer and better) Video to DVA - Digital Video Archive.

Our Video to DVD system uses Platinum Archival DVDs, rated to last 100 years. Each tape goes to its own Archival DVD complete with Smart Chapter Markers and Thumbnails. We will also imprint the DVD as well if you provide some title information for us. We use professional encoding which ensures maximum quality and a great viewing experience for years to come.

Video to DVA - Digital Video Archive allows you to watch on your smartphone, tablet, computer and smart TV. You can edit, organize and instantly share your videos with anyone on the planet!VA is cloud-based. Your memories are safely archived - never again vulnerable to the elements, breakage, or being lost. Some of the amazing benefits of DVA include:

  1. Adding titles and descriptions to your videos.
  2. Organize your videos.
  3. Edit your videos with MOTIF! ™ The DVA Editor.
  4. Private share DVAs with friend and family.

Memories, videos and DVA... they are one and the same! Never worry about the safety and legacy of your family videos again.

One other storage option available for your digitized files is a Thumbdrive - not best for long-term archival storage, but more as a “transfer” device. After digitizing your media, Home Video Studio puts the MP4 files on the Thumbdrive for you, allowing you to copy them to a personal computer or other external storage device.

We also specialize in transferring 8mm, Super 8mm & 16mm to digital and have been doing so for over two decades. We have refined both our process and our service over the years. Today, we use the number one film transfer process in the world - a state-of-the-art, digital, high-definition, sprocket-less film scanning and transfer process guided by technicians with years of experience. We expertly color correct each frame while your home movies are being transferred. We treat every home movie transfer job as if it were our own film.

Additionally, we transfer 35mm slides to a digital format. We custom scan each slide at a high resolution. You will be able to print from these new images. We always take a hands-on approach to scanning and restoring your slides:

  • No batch-processing. Each image is scanned in high-resolution, cropped, color-corrected and restored. (in many cases even better than it ever was!)
  • Dirt, dust or scratches? We have the professional technology available to digitally "mend" many of the ravages of time and the elements.
  • Your slides never leave our sides! Did you know some in our business send your slides away? Sometimes as far away as India? Your slides will always stay with us.

We've been in the digital transfer business for a long time. We understand it very well and it is our passion.

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